Creating this website

I am attempting to run this site completely from my iPad.

to start with, I am following the instructions I found on this website which showed me how to do this quickly. The site says that having your own site is the modern equivalent of a resume, and suggests that you should be n control of what pele find when they google your name. One nice bonus is that he gives a coupon code which gives a 25% discount on hosting at hostgator.

following these directions, I created my domain registration at My website hosting at let me . installWordpress automagically from their control panel.

I ran through the setup wizard, selecting the control panel theme as “mobile” which is a pretty simplistic interface, there should not be too much right clicking and dragging.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say here later but this whole process has taken a little over an hour.

I quickly discovered that there was an upgrade to WordPress from 3.3 to 3.3.3. Installation through the control panel I also quickly installed some other plugins such as WordPress seo, WPtouch (which makes a nice iPad version of the blog) and a few others. WordPress came pre installed with Akismet for reducing spam, but I have not enabled it because it entails a monthly charge that I am not currently interested in incurring. I know that this means I will get some spam comments but I will delete them manually for now.

I also enabled google webmaster tools and will also include google analytics very soon. I am able to use FTP to the site for uploading and modifying stuff.

So what will I do with the site? It’s currently under the radar so it doesn’t matter much. I’ll probably put some experimental JavaScript toys up on it, but one project that I a interested involves the drumcircles directory I have always wanted. I suspect that I will soon have to do some things outside of the iPad but I have demonstrated that you ca set up a site and put up some posts with nothing else.

It’s a great start, though, even of it is a little generic for now.