What’s it like to work at Valve?

I just read a very interestingessay written by this guy who works at Valve, the company that wrote Half Life and is a leader in game development.

Michael Abrash paints a picture of a very interesting company to work for. As I read about it, it sounded very Thelemic – each is allowed to follow his or her own Will – there isn’t anyone telling you what to do, you are free to find your own projects to work on. People go in and out of various roles, sometimes leading, sometimes doing individual work.

The company is in Bellevue, Washington, which is a bit east of Seattle.Geographically this is about halfway between the ocean and the mountains.

He also posted a link to the employee handbook, which I read cover to cover.

I sent Michael a note from his website because he said that the purpose in writing his piece was to find people who might find this a place they would want to work. We’ll ass how that goes.