About me


I am a 30 year+ computer professional. I have spent a large portion pf my career as a system administrator and programmer, but i have a lot of other interests. Among them:

  • Drumming – I have played hand drums since 1989. I founded the drumcircles@yahoogroups.com, which has become the spot on the web to discuss drumcircles and drumcircle facilitation.
  • Wine, mead and beer making – I have made my own drinkables since 2003.
  • Technology – Our lives are touched in technology in so many ways it’s hard to keep track. The internet impacts our lives whether or not we use it. Technology is driving how we eat (for good and ill). It’s nice to think about gong back to a simpler time, but it ain’t happening any time soon, barring some drastic sudden changes.
  • Reading – I don’tread books so much any more, but I do a lot of reading on the web, most the time using my trusty iPad.