Puzzle Bed 

I made this bed that is strong, stable and inexpensive and has no hardware.
As is tradition on Reddit, the finished product

The posts are approximately 6″x6″ and are very sturdy

 The sides slot together and meet in the middle, no hardware.

Just for fun, the cat’s eye view (under the bed)

Breaks down to a compact pile of lumber that could perhaps be put into some sort of bag, perhaps.
Here are the parts in separate piles:

The posts

The sides and ends

The slats

Midline support

This is made of the following materials

4 2x8x8′

3 2x6x8′

6 1x4x10′


What if ____ did a Doctor Who theme?

I stumbled across this series of YouTube videos that are variations on “what if ___ did a Doctor Who theme?”


Tangerine Dream

John Carpenter

Jean Michel jarre

Delia Derbyshire

Tim Minchin


Pink Floyd

Master Theme

“metal” theme by King

another Metal theme

Rowan Atkinson as the doctor

The Laughing Witch


We were at the farmer’s market yesterday and there was this couple selling “conscious children’s stories”. One grabbed our attention called “The Laughing Witch”. Soltahr picked up one and said “well let’s see what they say about us”. The couple kinda cringed, saying that nobody who identified as a witch had ever weighed in. Kinda looked nervous. 

By the time she was done tears we’re in our eyes. We had to get it.