ganache cli on ubuntu 16.04 in 2018

#### install ganache-cli 20 jan 2018 rca

curl -sL | sudo -E bash –
sudo apt-get install nodejs
npm -v
node -v

sudo npm install ganache-cli

sudo ln -s ~rca/node_modules/.bin/ganache-cli /usr/local/bin/ganache-cli

echo “Start with ganache-cli”

How to change @INC in Strawberry Perl? – Stack Overflow

Been a while since I tried to set up anything new for Perl under MS Windows. Guess these days, people use Strawberry Perl. Their website has a graphic that quotes Larry Wall, the father of Perl, as saying he uses strawberry perl when he is working under MS DOS.

Strawberry Perl claims to be as close as possible to the Unix experience of Perl. This means that many of the same or similar commands work, such as cpan

Because I am trying to do the problems, I needed the “prove” command to work for running the tests. It was throwing an error loading my module, which had me wondering where the includes were coming from on windows.

i found this, but in the end the problem was that I hadn’t tried to compile my Perl module already to be sure that I had all the modules loaded on my system. Turned out I was missing Installed that with CPAN and now it compiles and tests just fine.

How to change @INC in Strawberry Perl? – Stack Overflow.